ahh i forgot to post this panorama photo of st bart’s
it seriously is this small




damn the pope about to preach some sick verses

the guy beatboxing behind him

"the guy" is the italian president

P-Francis and the Prez

wedding veils       wedding dress

Puberty is a beautiful thing

[The following is excerpted from Newsweek with permission of the author]
I came to Los Angeles with a suitcase full of books and shoulder pads stuffed with cash. It was 1992, just a few months after the infamous riots, and I was about to start graduate school at the University of Southern California, near the epicenter of the unrest. One of my professors advised me against coming here—I don’t remember exactly what he said, but the substance of his message could be summarized in three words: Drugs! Guns! Violence! I had been warned so often about muggings that I decided to sew some bills inside the shoulder pads of my jacket. I didn’t know a single soul here.
At once the city felt familiar to me. After all, it had already beamed its likeness to my television screen and to the movie theaters of my hometown 6,000 miles away in Morocco. Look, here was the Hollywood sign, white against the green of the Santa Monica Mountains. Here were the skyscrapers downtown, glowing pink and orange under the rays of the setting sun. Here were the blue skies, the palm trees, the freeways, and the vanity license plates.
— Laila Lalami // Read the rest here. 

Jean Patchett by Erwin Blumenfeld for Vogue Jan. 1950 (via)

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014


I’m not like most girls; I’m prettier

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